Using Adobe Acrobat DC on the Mac

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi. I searched through the forum archives to see if there was any information on this, but I only found the same problem mentioned back in May of 2016 that I am writing about now. I was excited to install Acrobat DC on the mac in hopes it would be more accessible than Preview. However, just like the post from last May mentioned, I can't find any text area to interact with. These files read fine on Adobe with JAWS on Windows, so I know they're readable. I tried hiding the task pane. There's an area that sounds like it's giving me the dimensions of a graphic, then a couple areas that sound like the file name. I got to text at one point, but I'm not sure how and couldn't replicate it, and when I was in that text, I had to use VO-down arrow to read line by line instead of just using regular document-reading commands. What am I missing?



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

No issues here. I was able to use it fine. In fact I used it to fill out a form. The only problem I had is it kept crashing, and voiceover kept loosing focus, but over all I did get the forms filled out and faxed.

Submitted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I have the same issues mentioned here. Very, very annoying especially when I have a disability accommodations form for an exam to fill out. Ugh.