Unsure which App to use for recording music.

macOS & Mac Apps


I would like to be able to record music, but am finding it really tricky to know which apps to invest time in.

I have tried working with Garage Band, but found it really tricky removing the audio from the start and end of a track.

Also I have not found any really comprehensive guides for using Garage Band on a Mac with VO.

I have also been experimenting with the free version of ProTools, and have purchased the ProTools with Speech tutorials.

Though these are not for the free version the interface seems similar enough that they will be useful.

Both of these apps seem quite powerful and I can not decide which one to invest time on, as I know there will be a large learning curve.

I would like to be able to:
Record voice and OM (Octave Mandolin) on one track;
Add one of two other tracks for additional instrumental or vocal parts;
Remove any empty space at the beginning or end of the tracks;
Mix the tracks;
Post the finished article to Youtube.

Which App or Apps would be best for meeting these needs?

I have a USB audio interface.

Currently I am not planning to do anything fancy with multiple mics, but I might want to look in to that in the future.

Any advice is very much appreciated.