unable to send mail with mboxmail

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Hello to all. I use a hotmail account and I recently purchased Mboxmail. For the past 2 weeks or so I have not been able to send mail. I can receive it without any problems. So now whenever I need to reply to mail I need to use the website or my iPhone. I have the default settings for Mboxmail on the mac mail client. I have done everything you could think of. uninstalled the Mboxmail app, cleared out all the settings and cleared out the mail settings as well. I even reinstalled my whole OS at one point and still no luck. And It's very hard to contact the Mboxmail company. Their facebook or twitter gets 0 action now. And as far as I know they don't have an email address. Is there another way to get hotmail on the mac? I really don't want to use pop access because I have custom folders I want to access. I really do not want to switch to gmail or anything because I have had the hotmail for a long time and it has worked fine for me until this whole mboxmail thing. I do have a windows 7 vm but I really don't want to pull that up for mail all the time. I really apreciate your help.



Submitted by Austin Grace on Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello. Does anyone have any ideas at all? Is there another forme I can try for help? I really need this working for my email. If anyone at all can help me I would really appreciate that. Is there another way to access hotmail on the mac without the pop crap? Thanks a lot all.

Hello to all. I have gone back to using the POP access on hotmail. I did end up finding a support ticket thing on the mboxmail site but it was the typical crap of that they will pass this on to the developers. I think I bought it less than a month ago. It was actually working for a bit when I bought it but it stopped working again. Basically it says the outgoing server is offline. I have not ran the app in about 2 weeks or so. I just got sooooo sick of writing email on my phone or logging into the hotmail website just to reply to mail. I just upgraded to Mountain Lion today. I doubt it would help anything in terms of this whole not being able to send mail thing. I'll keep checking there website to see if they have any updates.