Ulysses users: can't manage styles using VO

macOS and Mac Apps

In the Ulysses word processing app, the Preferences > Styles panel appears to be inaccessible. The template categories (html, pdf, docx, epub) each have an "empty" scroll area and grid that, although reporting it has 3 items, seems to contain no text VO can access. Also I'm unable to open .ULStyle files from the file exchange in Text-Edit. Any of you Ulysses users encountering this or have found a work-around? I've reported it to the developers.



Submitted by Ancro on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hi, I’m Lucas, the one responsible for VoiceOver support in Ulysses. We know of this problem and are currently working on it. It’s almost ready to ship, only some small things still need fixing.

The reason why it’s broken right now is this: The current implementation of the collection view that is displaying the styles was custom built by us in 2013 (to support grouping of PDF, HTML and ePub styles), way before Apple expanded the capabilities of the native collection view. With El Capitan they released a new collection view that does what we need by default, although the VO support is still not that great.

So now we’ve replaced our old collection view with the new default one and fixed the VO issues of the new one as best as we could, so the problems you are experiencing shouldn’t be there much longer.

The .ulstyle files are zip archives that contain the .ulss files, which is why TextEdit can’t open them. You’d need to open them in Ulysses and select Edit in the context menu. Alternatively, you could unzip the .ulstyle file, edit the .ulss file and re-zip the package.

Sorry about this hassle, an update that fixes this is definitely coming!