two odd behaviors I've never seen in yosemite.

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Hi all. Since restoring to Yosemite, i've found two strange things. First, I have an HP deskjet 6940 printer. I keep seeing the update come across, saying I need version 3.0 for the printer software. Keep in mind the printer wasn't connected. Anyway every time i install it, maybe a day later, I see one update, and that's what it is. Anyone have any idea? Second, whenever i write anything with a B either in a text field like this, or any other site, Voice over won't saythe letter B when I backspace over it. so I'd hear bear in reverse, R E A in other words silence even though I know I had written a B. Anyone seen this one? Yeah I have the crazy stuff. ;) Thanks for any help. using 1.10.3 macbook pro 13 2012 I think.



Submitted by mehgcap on Saturday, May 30, 2015

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No, I haven't seen the first one, but then I don't use a printer much at all. Yes, many users have reported the second problem. Oddly, it seems to be a different letter or group of letters on each machine, and for many, it never happens at all. Some people report fixing it in a few ways, but I found that making a FaceTime call from my Mac solved it. Very strange, indeed.