two different voices on log in screen

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I am trying to report a bug that I have noticed on the latest version of Mac OS> I am running a Mac book Air early 2014.
I am running Mojave version 10.14.1 the bug I am experiencing is this:
when in the log in screen I have my voice set to Karen compact but for some reason the compact Daniel voice is still speaking certain aspects such as when entering text on the log in screen. I double checked and my voice is not set to "automatically based set on language" option.
Karen was reading and working fine for a while, I noticed the change when I left my mac on for a long period of time and it defaulted to the log in sscreen. ever since then I have had this issue.
can anyone suggest how to fix this? or the best way to report this to apple?



Submitted by Ekaj on Monday, December 3, 2018

You might try contacting Apple's accessibility team at or (877) 204-3930. I think I'm experiencing a similar thing, but I manually switched to Bruce for now. Alex is currently reading my Log-in screen. Perhaps this has something to do with the Scrod bug mentioned in a prior forum topic on here? Hth and good luck.