tweetings for mac?

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Hello to all. I was wondering if tweetings for mac osx is accessible right down to viewing followers of you and everybody else. I'm looking for a client similar to yorufukurou as it is misbehaving with my system and going non responsive, plus the app has not been updated since february of 2013 and the dev did promise he would fix some stuff. I looked at the site and there's no way to even contact him anymore as the site is powered by google, or something. Anyways for those interested here is the tweetings app for osx link. Take care and be blessed.



Submitted by Jessica S. on Sunday, August 25, 2013

Have you tried re-installing YoruFukurou? It was acting up for me as well, but re-installing fixed it. Hope this helps! :)

Yeas I have. I think this is my 5th reinstall since the update in february. Not looking too good in my book. Still though, I want to find an alternative if yorufukurou dies completely. so debating tweetings for mac. Tc.