Troubles with newly- installed Mountain Lion.

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Hi all. I've Just installed OS X Mountain Lion and honestly it doesn't come up to expectations.Immediately after the first start i noticed that standart VO+spacebar command for selecting items doesn't always works forcing me to press it repeatedly. Even now during the work in Safari and other applications i'm experiencing problems such as sluggish web rotor and window chooser menu. After the installation i downloaded updates for voices which i'm using - Daniel for English and Milena for Russian. I'm very picky in regard to voice quality, but try as i might, i could not notice any changes in the speech clarity. I still can't understand where all my mailboxes disappeared except for standard ones in the Mail application. Is it possible to bring them back? Unfortunately Apple hasn't kept an old buddy list view in Messages, so i can't find the way to communicate with Facebook friends. Any help will be appreciated :)



Submitted by blindgator on Monday, July 30, 2012

I to am highly disappointed with Mountain Lion. I have been using it for a few days now, and here are some of the biggest things I have noticed. If someone has discovered how to correct something I mention, please do let us know. 1. The rotor in safari acts sluggish at times Sometimes when I pull up the rotor it takes awhile to work properly. If I go to change from links to headers and it is sluggish the rotor jumps around and takes a little while to populate the lists. 2. VO Space bar I always use VO space bar to select a link, and this is my biggest problem with Mountain Lion, and there is no consistency to this. When selecting items, sometimes you have to hit VO space bar to select, other times just space bar to select, and other times return to select. This problem which never affected in snow leopard or lion almost ruins mountain lion for me. I would think this would have been one of the first things they would have tested with VO how to select items. I have to constantly make sure that the link or radio button I want selected has been selected. Please do let me know if this is a setting that can be changed. 3. Buttons In previous versions VO would always announce when a button had been selected in Mountain Lion it does not tell you therefore I have to constantly check to make the button I want is selected this is also quite an annoyance since I don't what command will select the button either VO space bar, just space bar, or return. 4. Message Center I have only played around with this for a little, and am not a big texter but the one time I did text someones Iphone, the message did appear on my computer but not on my Iphone. What is the point of this if it isn't all going to sync through iCloud. 5Dashboard and Widget This was also a problem I had in Lion, and I was hoping it would have been fixed. I move pretty quickly around the keyboard and occasionally am hitting a wrong key. For some reason when I go to adjust the volume there is a key combination that launches dashboard and a widget that plays some music in the background. I go to the dashboard to see what the widget is, and there is nothing there, the only way to get the music to stop playing is to restart the entire computer. Also the music is not coming from itunes as it is some kind of soft instrumental music and not something in my collection. 6No way to set a shortcut for Notification Center I could be wrong on this but I like to use keyboard commanders to launch programs such as pages, numbers, Night Owl, mail, etc. I tried to do this for the notification center, but it doesn't seem to be an option. Unless you are a very bad typist and need to use the dictation feature, which I do not see me making a lot of use of, or you are a big Imessage person, I think you to would be pretty disappointed with Mountain Lion. I do think overall the system does run pretty good as far as speed. Would love to hear any solutions to any of these issues, or other suggestions. Thanks. .

Submitted by Daniel on Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi, I've had no issues with ML whatsoever. To add a keyboard shortcut to launch notification center, go to keyboard shortcuts in the keyboard tab in system prefs, and go to mission control. It's in there.

One cannot deny that Voice Over in OS 10.8 Mountain Lion tends to change pitch more dramatically and frequently than ever. Window and application choosers, as well as web rotor are also sluggish. Another issue and very critical for me is that i can't fast forward paragraph or page in a document by single word simply by holding down the back arrow key like i used to do in Lion. If i had known about this issues i would haven't upgraded, or more appropriately downgraded my Mac to Mountain Lion. And good lord, why it reads the third sentence of my own comment as if i've used a full stop after the phrase "I used to do"?!