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Hello dear Forum!

I have got a 15-Inch-MBP. It is the Version without USB-C-Ports and with function keys. So it is the old release.

So. I have installed Windows 10 with Boot Camp and Jaws 18. I love it, it is quick. But I seem to have Video Driver issues. For example, a part of Dropbox Setup was not manageable without sight. It was the part where you have to enter your Login.

And also Microsoft Word makes Trouble. Jaws does not tell me if the document is in protected mode.

I'd have kept the Laptop, because it is the smoothest Windows experience I have. Before that, I had various Lenovos and Siemens. They were sluggish and could get so hot that you'd better not touch some parts of those devices.

But this is a serious issue and I have to use Windows for Work.

Thanks in advance for helpful advice.



Submitted by Nathan Stocking on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The computer you're using wouldn't be doing this. I suggest that either JAWS has a problem or these applications aren't providing the information. For example, try if NVDA works where JAWS does not,. If your old machines work, check what software differences there are.

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Unfortunately the issue you are seeing with Dropbox is the way it is now. It is not JAWS that is having the issue. It is the same with NVDA as well. There windows installer has become pretty inaccessible with the last few versions. I have Windows 10 bootcamped onto my 2015 Macbook Air and JAWWS 18 is running well on it. I have not tried word though. I dont have an office 365 subscription.

Greg WOcher

Submitted by splyt on Thursday, December 8, 2016

To access dropbox menu either press ins + f11 to access system tray itens and select the dropbox and tab until the right click button. Press space on it and you are on the menu.

To link your machine with the dropbox after the installer lets you in the window of dropbox press ctrl + g this is also the way one has to access the menus if selecting the dropbox entry direct from the system tray it self.

Microsoft word and office in general are a little bit hard to use niow adays ... make sure you have the virtual ribons option enabled you can do it from the start up wizard in jaws help menyu and also try nvda .. for me the computer is more easilyy being used combining the use of NVDA and JAWS when it is possible.

I wish we had another screen reader also on Mac OS platform to give us more possibilities of productivity on that platform ..

Submitted by Firebird on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Right. I remembered to have the Office-Issue also on a Windows Computer. This has been solved by simply klicking anywhere in Word.

So I am happy it is not a Driver Issue, cause when I googled, People kept telling that Bootcamp Drivers are very Buggy. As you might know, Jaws is very anoying when it Comes to Audio or Video Drivers.
It has been a while ago when I installed Dropbox. This was a Windows Computer and it was not totally inaccessible. Maybe they changed.

Thanks for your help again.