Trivia Crack: also playable via facebook on a web browser?

macOS & Mac Apps

I discovered some time ago, that Trivia Crack game has a facebook app, it's not playable just via smartphone.
So, I have tried it on a mac, with Safari browser - with no success as it gave me Always that annoying message, Safari busy, forcing me to completely kill the Safari process.
From some days, I notice the interface has become a little better, and I am performing some experiments; on a Windows machine I have managed to play some questions, but now I am just trying to experiment the game play on mac computers.
On my machine it Always says Busy, but I can suppose it's my machine's fault as i use this mac for experiments and development softwares.
So, I am sharing the app here, as I'd like to get most accurate and various feedback as possible, also by users who have a very basic mac configuration.
This is for people whi have a quite good VoiceOver experience - if no busy message appears, trackpad rotor oriented on Buttons, may help a lot!
Here is the direct link for facebook Trivia Crack game play:



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