Trip down memory Lane: Anyone remember this stuff?

macOS and Mac Apps

OK, I'm having a bit of nostalgia.

I was in elementary school through the very late 80's through the first bit of the 90's. Back then, we used Apple 2E's in the computer lab which had lots of educational games, most of which, I don't remember the names of.

One however, I *do* very vividly remember was The Oregon Trail. God that thing was fun! I don't remember what the acronym stood for, maybe one of you all will, but most of these apps were made by a company call Mecc. That's M E C C.

I just wonder if Mecc is still around, though I'm sure they've changed hugely, if so. If not, do you all even remember them at all, for those who grew up in the 80's and 90's. Secondly, if they're not around anymore, or are, but not Voiceover friendly on the mac, then I'm curious if anyone knows of any educational games like what Mecc made which *would!* be accessible on the mac with Voiceover and would be age appropriate for say 1st graders up to say 5th grade level which I could play with a child of that age.



Submitted by sonofdiabetesdad on Saturday, April 10, 2021

one of your settlers has died of cholera :). i never played the apple || version but i played the heck out of the mac version. my guess would be they are long gone now.

just looked them up on wikipedia and they are in fact dead. went out of business in 99. funny enough they were actually owned by the state of Minnesota and were originally only suppose to make software for state schools.

Submitted by sonofdiabetesdad on Saturday, April 10, 2021

there is a game in the app store called oregon trail but just by looking at the store page i can tell it has nothing to do with the original game. the original game is in the public domain so im sure you can find it online for download.

Submitted by Siobhan on Saturday, April 10, 2021

I forget how i found this, but there was an apple emulator group. I played things like the old Math games, that's how i played blackjack lmao. I also loved Oregon trail but always died. I loved shooting. Full bellies tonight. I used to love the music game. Funny sotry, my aid at the time used Duxbury to Brialle my stuff. I played a game and long sotry short, there was an alarm. I look, I'd left the caps lock down, so the entire like twenty five braille page thing was in caps. she was pissed. I laughed though. After she left. lol.

Submitted by Blind angel 444 on Saturday, April 10, 2021

I remember the game and wanted to play a blind friendly version for myself. The original version wasn’t compatible with screen readers.

Submitted by Christopher on Saturday, April 10, 2021

Well, back in the 2E days, I'm told it was accessible, but I dono. I had way way way wayyyy! more vision back then than I do now. By no means was I sighted. I wasn't even considered near sighted, or partially blind. I was still severely visually impaired, but if I got my nose right up on the monitor, and then even at that point, squinted and really struggled, I could do it for about 30 minutes, but after that, I'd get a really bad head ache from trying so hard.

A few things here to note however:

1. There were two versions on the Apple side of things of the game. They both were pretty much text based, but one of them was ever so slightly more graphical, and a little more involved.

The first version however was what I mainly played. I was told that the first of the two versions was accessible. I remember in the part of the game where you had to shoot, if you had an external Echo connected to the system for your speech, you would hear it say, to shoot, type pow. I don't remember why, but I never heard that message. I'm thinking it's because I played with no speech, but I can't recall for sure if I did or didn't. That was over... well... um... we'll just say over 30 years ago. LOL!

2. The second of those two versions was available as well for the PC, and ran under DOS, but again, I never tried to see if it worked with jaws, or Vocaleyes, or ASAP, etc.

Finally, there were some other PC games I remember playing as a kid. They were only on PC though as far as I know. I'd be curious if anyone remembers them, and if they ever saw an Apple version of them. Most of these games, no one seems to remember, but I'll try you guys. I may be surprised.

So one of them was called Juggles. This was more for preschool aged kids/toddlers. I don't remember even the slightest thing about it other than Juggles being a clown, and you made him do weird things like juggling a thing of balls, etc.

Another math game I remember was something I played called Stickybear Math. That was probably my favorite growing up, with is surprising given that to this very day, I atrociously hate! hate hate hate hate hate hate hate! math of any type.

Another math type game I remember which was a little bit more graphical, sort a, but was super fun back then was something called "Outnumbered!" Basically, you were this scientist who moved around this room, and you had to zap these little creatures with your zappo blaster gun. If you missed, then you either could choose to die, and lose one of your lifes, or you could elect to solve a math problem to keep from dying.

The final one I remember playing was Reader Rabbit. Again, there were several incarnations of this from what I hear, but the one I played was extremely text based. Maybe a few graphics, but not really.

By the way, none of those were made by Mecc.

It's funny you mentioning they were only supposed to develop for state schools, as I definitely wasn't in Minnesota. At that time, I was in North Carolina, so geographically, not even remotely close.

Here's one more for you guys from Apple, just to keep things on topic.

Who remembers the Doctor Pete software? There were two of them. I don't remember what they called the second one, but it basically let you type a text document. It was really basic though. It was designed for children. Like, really little children. Basically, the speech obviously from the echo connected to the 2E would sing as you went through the program. Granted, it was God aweful, but it tried.

Basically that version, you had a 5 and a quarter floppy disk, which had your files on it with your profile. I think you could have up to 3 different student profiles on the thing at a time.

When the program first ran, you'd hear the speech sing a little tune saying, "Type your name, and press return." That's how it new what profile to load. Teachers and fakelty instead of typing a name could type "menu" and hit enter, and get into the menu system where you could delete and add users, delete a user's files, etc. That menu wasn't accessible though if you couldn't see it.

If you typed a name, say, like, "Chris", then you'd get a menu which spoke which you would hit space bar to cycle through the files you'd created. At the bottom of the list, if I remember correctly was the option to create a new document. I think it let you have up to 5 files at a time, and each file could only go up to around 500 or so characters. When typing in the file, to get out of it, you had little square boxes below your document with letters in each of them. If you hit escape, the speech would sing something like, and I know I'm probably remembering this a bit wrong, "press r to read, press s to save, press p to print, press q to quit."

The first of the two things in the Doctor Pete's series was called Doctor Pete's ABC Discovery.

When you first ran it, I don't remember much of this, as I was in kindergarten the last time I used it, but I remember it loaded, and the first thing you heard was to the tune of twinkle little star, it would sing and say, "ABC dis cuvv er ee, come on won't, you play with me." It had several little games. One was like that other word processor thing, but you could only type single words, then if you hit return, it would speak the word back to you that you typed.

Then, it had one where you would hit a letter, and the capital and lowercase letters popped up on the screen, and the letter was spoken.

The final game it had it said a letter, and showed the lower case and captical letters on the screen. So, say it showed a D. You'd hit the letter D, then it would go, "D is for duck." You'd then hit return, and it would move on to the next letter it randomly chose, until the whole alphabet was finnished, then the game ended. It was kind a bumd, even for me as a kindergartener, but, whatever. It's what it was. Anyway, I'd be curious if yall remember that from the 2E days.