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macOS and Mac Apps

Just wondering if there is anybody here doing translation with Mac on a regular basis. I personally found switching between several documents on my Macbook Pro quite inconvenient, requiring too many keystrokes. I tried Textedit, Pages and MS Word for Mac, but have to return to my Windows laptop to complete my job. So, if there are any translators here, your tips and tricks in accomplishing everyday translation tasks using Mac would be appreciated.



Submitted by Maldalain on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hi there
Well, there is a persistent issue with multilingual professionals with the MacOS. I am a translator and the main issue goes far beyond organising your documents in a convenient way. Have not found an authoritative dictionary to rely on, no success with VoiceOver language detection, proofreading is just horrible compared to Windows. I have had my mac awhile ago and did much translation still it is always really not that pleasant experience when you are a professional working in a linguistic field. Maybe you will have to try BootCamp but trust me, that will add constant strain on your machine; heating up so quickly is one thing.