Transferring custom ringtones from catalina to iPhone using voiceover an absolute nightmare

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hey all,
Having a very frustrating and aggravating problem with my new iPhone 12.
I have a couple of custom ringtones that I created and I'm trying to send them to my phone.
Of course with the old iTunes, it was a lot easier, you could just put it in the automatically add to iTunes folder and sync it to the phone and you were done.
With Catalina, apparently you have to drag the ringtone into the general area of the iPhone on the side bar but the problem is, the voice-over drag commands do not work here and well, it doesn't really work at all.
Was going to have a look at the program iMazing but I absolutely will not pay $69 Australian for it and when I used the trial version, I couldn't really work out what to do anyway.
Has anyone got any ideas? I'm ripping my own hair out.



Submitted by Adrian Wyka on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

And ordinary copying (cmd + C) and pasting (CMD + V) in the iPhone area not working?

I wonder how to remove previously added ringtones.

Actually, it is possible to drag and drop, but it is really random. Sometimes it works, often it doesn't. Often it happens that VoiceOver will stuck and you won't be able to move to other finder window while locking the mouse. It works awful! And yeah, copying and pasting with cmd+c and v doesn't work here. I cannot understand why, it is just a finder window and it doesn't work here like it should in other finder windows...