trackpad commander issues

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi all,
I have a 2017 MacBook pro with the force touch trackpad. Since I upgraded, I haven’t gotten commands to work such as control click with trackpad commander. I set this to do an action in the voiceover preferences, and it doesn’t work. It used to work on my MacBook Air from 2015. I did not migrate my settings or any of that over to my MacBook Pro from the MacBook Air when I got my Pro, so I know it wasn’t anything to do with overlapping settings. I set all my trackpad commander things from scratch. So basically, anything with control, command or option click of any sort doesn’t work on my MacBook Pro 2017. Is this something that is common, and if so, is there a fix so I can bring back these functions? I’ve been waiting for 2 years for this to work again but no matter how many updates apple pushes out, it hasn’t seem to have gotten fixed. Thank you.