Touch Bar in Windows usable?

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is the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro usable in a Windows VMWare or in Bootcamp?
If so does Jaws reads its buttons or VoiceOver?
If Touch Bar doesn't work in both environments how to use f-keys in Windows on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar?
Has anyone experiences?

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Submitted by John W. hess on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Good day. I just installed windows 10 on a Mac book pro with the touch bar and am using NVDA. What I found is that if you go in to keyboard help the function keys will echo. You will need to hold down the FN key to turn the touch bar to function keys. Without pressing FN the function keys will work as media keys volume, mute and more. What I did after finding out where they were located is put dots above the keys I like to use so I could find them easily. The dots are not on the bar itself but above. It seems like when looking at the number row the function key is one digit below. Example above the number 4 is f 3 and above 5 is f 4. This seemed pretty consistent. So, the answer to your question is yes they can be used although commands like alt-f4 can be a bit cumbersome until you get the hang of it.