Tip: Disabling Quick Note

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If you are low vision and still use a mouse, and you sometimes locate the pointer by dragging it into a corner, then the new Quick Note feature in Monterey might be an inconvenience that you'd like to disable. Here's how to turn off the Quick Note hot corner:

1. In Preferences, open Mission Control.
2. Click Hot Corners.
3. The Hot Corners dialog has four unlabeled pulldown menus. In order, they are: upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, and lower-right. By default, VoiceOver will read the first three as "Dash".
4. Go to the fourth pulldown menu, which VoiceOver reads as Quick Note. Select it and change it to "Dash".
5. Click Okay to close out of the Hot Corners dialog.

I hope this helps.