Temporarily hide in-text citations from VoiceOver

macOS & Mac Apps

Hello :)

I am using VO on my Macbook Air, and I just begun my university studies in Australia, things are going well, but there is one thing that is really annoying, and that is all the citations... In Journal Articles, Books and Assignments there are a lot of in-text citations, since I use VO I have to read through all of them, which interrupts the flow, and is generally irritating. I use Pages when writing and Skim when reading PDFs.

I spent some time Googling but could not find any solution for this, but is it possible to get Pages to temporarily hide some text? Can I set VO to temporarily jump over text in brackets? Or would it be possible to create some kind of Apple script that temporarily hides text in brackets?

Any other ideas on how to get around this?

I appreciate the help! :)