Tables or a format to create an accessible statement or invoice for business

macOS and Mac Apps

I am a massage therapist and need an accessible way to create a table or columns and of data for statements.
I want to show the business where I work date, client name, service performed, fee charged, percentage, and total owed

I would like for it to look nice and have a way to have my name and contact info at top of page then date to date for invoice to show work done and fees owed.
I am an independent contractor and wanting to show work and percentages to pay where I am renting a room for a percentage of my work.

Thanks for any advice.
I have a macbook pro with latest OS and pages and numbers but am open to other aps as well.
Look forward to hearing solutions and hopefully a few options to select from.
Would also be great to hear of good tutorials or podcasts or articles to read.

Thank you for any help and advice and resources.

laura Ann



Submitted by Andy B. on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Numbers or Excel sounds like it would work best for your requirements. I haven't used either one enough from the MAC side to help though.