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Hello all,
I was told by about three people that I could get swift playgrounds on my Mac and learn coding. I cannot find the link, and do not have an Ipad. I have an Iphone and a Mac.
Thank you all for your help!



Submitted by splyt on Monday, January 8, 2018

Swift playground is distributed under XCode on Mac OS. Be aware though that it is not accessible with VoiceOver the same way that must part of resources and features of the Apple IDE are either not accessible at all or not usable in a productive way specially at workplace scenarius.
For your request, do install XCode and use a mac command line project to train your swift new skills. Be aware though that debugging is not, at least to my knowledge, acessible with VoiceOver also ... so get prepared to learn to code on a modern environment pretty the same way you would learn how to code and debug 20 years ago. That is what Apple is unfortunately imposing to us specially because we can not script VoiceOver to work in a more reliable way with Xcode at the moment.

Submitted by hamiltonthemusicallover on Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello, I installed xcode, but it wanted me to already know coding. How do I get it to teach me coding? There was another app, but it wanted me to pay for all the videos, and I didn't know how accessible they would be.

Submitted by splyt on Monday, January 8, 2018

Coding is not something straight forward if I can say that.

People use to ttake four, five years graduation courses in computing science or system analysis to learn that kind of thing. There is more than only typing when we talk about coding.

Even those that do not take graduation courses will need the reading a lot of books and tutorials.

If you ave never coded before I strongly suggest you to try a Windows PC coupled with EDSharp and a good python book / tutorial. If you already know coding then stick with Apple's swift book which should be free of charge. Latter on you can study cocoa uitself and every aspects related to iOS developmment.

To code in Swift would ou recommend iPad or Mac Laptop? What version of iPad and Laptop? Can one code Swift on IPhone6?