Suggestion about some VoiceOver problems that should be fixed in macOS Catalina

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Hello everyone,
some time ago, I read a message (I would like to continue this topic but, unfortunatelly I don't find this message) in which someone proposed to suggest to the Apple team, the possibility to try, in the new Macos Catalina, to resolve some little problems of Voice Over.
So, i would like notice the following think. as you know, on the Iphone, is really very easy to change the language when we have to write in different languages. Is enough to change the keyboard with ony a dopple tap, and to change the language with the rotor. however, with the Mac, this procedure is not so easy, and so, in my opinion, it would be a ery good thing, if the would be able to become this procedure in the Mac easier as is in the Iphone For people who need to write in different languages, it would be really great.
Many thanks in advance: