Speech Rotor in macOS High Sierra?

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Hey guys,
I recently updated to macOS 10.13 (I know, long, long overdue, but something kept coming up getting in the way). I've got an interesting problem. The speech rotor seems to have disappeared?
When I VO+Command+Right/Left, I have Characters, Words, Window Spots, Misspelled, Lines, Sentences, Paragraphs, etc. Speech Rate, etc seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I've gone as far as attempting to reset all VO prefs (so much so that when I launch VO, that tutorial thing pops up).

Anyone know what could be going on here?



Submitted by Tyler on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

To access the speech rotor on macOS High Sierra, press VO Command Shift left or right arrow. Use the up and down arrows to cycle through the rotor options.