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Do input blocks from audio sources allow for other input blocks?
The issue I'm working with is I have an application input block containing my loopback device (which contains my headset, Farrago and VLC) as well as an application block for zoom. I need both of them to go to multiple broadcast blocks for internet streaming, but when I stack the broadcast blocks vertically, the loopback device only connects to one of the three broadcast blocks, and zoom connects to the other two. When I shift the loopback device to the left of the zoom block, zoom connects to all 3 broadcast blocks, but the loopback then states it has no connections.
If I switch the broadcast blocks to a horizontal configuration, then I can connect both the loopback and zoom blocks, but I have to stack them vertically, so both input blocks feed into that first broadcast block.
I am concluding the application blocks are not able to take any other inputs to serve as a pass through unless the block is turned off. Is this correct, or am I missing something?
To complete the grid, I also have a recording block set to flack which dumps into dropbox for later editing and podcasting, and a final output block for my headset to monitor the entire feed.

Any suggestions on the configuration would be helpful. Thanks



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Sunday, November 29, 2020

If I remember from the tutorials, they all have to be at a 45 degree angel from each other. I don't really know how to determine that, but that's all I know.

Submitted by Christopher on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I'll take what I can get, text or audio, although audio would largely be preferred. I just got the trial of Audio hijack, and was hoping I could figure this darn thing out. I do things all the time with audio production as far as routing things in and out, so trust me, the concept isn't too terribly foreign to me. However, this whole grid block thing just isn't making sense. Further, I'm really struggling hugely to understand how the session window is laid out in AHJ. This whole thing further about things being in certain directions like being at a 45 degree angle is making it even more damn comppusing. I'm honestly about ready to just uninstall this thing and say, forget it, it's not worth my time. I'm willing though to give it a chance if one of you all up here can work with me either privately, or through the forums to get things set how I want them. Even if I don't understand what we've done, if someone can at least step by step tell me what to press in the app to accomplish my goal, I figure, I'm only going to use AHJ for one purpose goal, and one only. So, it may even be don't understand it. Just let someone help me set it, then once set, it'll be a set it, then leave it alone.

Basically, what I want to accomplish is what I did in the old days before they went to this stupid block crap thing interface. I basically want a session whereby it captures my internal macbook air microphone, and also captures all system audio including Voiceover both into an mp3. I saw the template for recording all system audio, and that definitely seemed without modification to work for just that purpose, but of corse, my mike wasn't recorded, which makes the whole template useless for what I want to do.

I have a learning disability which prevents me from very well understanding logical concepts which may be what is causing a huge issue here. I had the same darn issue on Windows with Virtual Audio Cable. The over all concept I get, but putting it into action just isn't making sense. Further, even if it did make sense, I am not seeing with Voiceover how on earth to go about shifting and moving things around or adding sources etc. to the grid. Unless proven otherwise, I am now at the point of believing that for a blind individual, this app has become a total joke. I'm incredibly open minded though, and am very willing to stand corrected, if someone is willing to help me with this.

Hi Christopher, I can help. It took about a day or two and immersing myself in the app to understand how it works. The movement of blocks is quite easy and once you get down the layout and placement of blocks, it all falls into place. The session you describe is easy to create and it sounds like you might just need to make a few adjustments to the individual block settings. You can contact me through here and we can find a way to get you some help.

Submitted by Christopher on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tyson, I don't know how to privately contact someone up here lamentably, but the sooner I could get helped with this, the better, and I usually catch on to things very very quickly once shown. Also, I am extremely over all proficient with Voiceover, maybe even a bit more so than just an average user, so I don't think this will take long once you show me generally how this works, and help me to better understand the block concept. Why don't you reach out to me via e-mail, and we can set up a time to speak. I'm gamed for Zoom, Facetime, phone, any of that. If we did Zoom, I could provide you a link to a private room, as I pay for a Zoom pro account. I'm incredibly incredibly flexible. My e-mail, which you're going to have to put back together, as I'm going to literally write it out to keep spam bots away is: clgilland07 at gmail dot com. Let me know how you'd like to proceed. Also, I welcome anyone else to e-mail me as well, if you think you could help. As I initially said, I'll take all the help with this that I can get!