Sometimes vo keyboard commands work where as other keyboard commands do not after updating to 10.10

macOS and Mac Apps

I got a mac book pro back in november and I am so far enjoying it for the most part. Anyway, it came with os 10.9.4 installed on it. about two weeks ago, I updated it to os 10.10.1 So far good right? Every now and then, I find that no matter what I type while in the messages app, nothing gets entered. I make sure that the correct edit field has keyboard focus and still no luck. Turning off VO does not help. I try closing the app via command plus q, but I find that that the mac acts like I did not even push that command. The only way that I am able to get full keyboar control back is by going to the apple menu and and restarting the machine. What I do not get is why voiceover is still accepting commands while nothing else is on the mac. I made sure that the control plus option lock is off, and I made sure that quick nav is off. I also went and made sure that sticky keys was turned off. Matter of fact, I put the accessibility menu up in the menu bar so that I can see what was turn on. When ever This happons, I check this menu and find that none of the other accessibility options have been turned on, What am I missing? I went in and check to make sure the key delay thing was turn off in the keyboard settings. I used control plus option plus k to bring up keyboard help when this happoned and found that VO sees every key that I press. It is acting almost as if keyboard focus isn't where I think it is. So, I ask VO to tell me where the keyboard focus was and it was exzackly where I thought it was.