some Very simple questions about Amadeus Pro

macOS and Mac Apps

Despites being simple this is something I did not find the response in the internet.

What I have to do to pyut the insertion head and the play head right at the end of the current track?

I thimk that if I am able to put one of these right there I can move the other but I can not figure out how to do it.

Another question: what are the procedures to know the current time of either the play head or insertion cursor? Cmd G puts the play head or the insertion point cursor at a given time?

Whhat happens when I command option v --- past to new track ---- at the insertion point? I think that the beginning of the pasted content is put in a new track starting from tehe time the insertion point is, but do it put silence to complete the track backwards to where the first track starts or it just sets up a track starting on that particular time frame? If this s the case what happens when I try to go to next track (using the letter n) in a point where the next track does not yet .... exist if tthis is the term?

Can I setup a track to loop itself? When does the loop stop? When the last track ends?