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Hi i have a few questions about numbers do i search inside table and jump to the result
for example if i have a table of 500 rows and 10 coloms and i want to jump to the cells that contains the word "mac.
2.I'm quite sure it's impossible but i will ask anyway i
have an excel document with some colored rows there is some way i can do a filter and see only the colored rows or at least know witch rows are colored and witch are not





Submitted by Portland Chris on Monday, March 30, 2015

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The method I use is to choose Find... (Command-f), type in what I'm looking for, and press Return to execute the Find command. One way you can tell if something was found is that VO will read the full contents of the first cell found (e.g. if you search for "Mac" it might say "Mac OS X" if that's the contents of the first cell it finds with your text in it). Next, press Escape (or hit the Cancel button) to put the Find dialog away. Unfortunately, I find that when I press the arrow keys to move around, the selected cell is still not the one found in the Find dialog, but rather has just stayed where it was. The solution? Press Command-G for "Find Again" and the cell selection will jump to the cell containing your Find text. You can press additional times to find the subsequent cell matches, too. A little hard to describe, but if you follow the steps, it should work.

thanks it's was really helpful.
anyone have a solution for my second question? any creative idea? )else of using sight people help(