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How do I adjust sliders, select sections, and delete said sections of a video with iMovie?



Submitted by Maanling on Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sorry. You said that in the topic title. I should pay more attention. The easiest way to cut clips is to put it in the timeline and make splits in the correct places. Then you can remove the bits you dont want.

Use spacebar to play out the clip. Use space again to stop it at the place you wanna split it. Pressing cmd+b will split it at the point where you stopped it. Then you can go to the clip you want to remove and hit backspace.

If you want to cut something from the middle. Make your first split. Play it further and make the second split at the end of the part you want to remove. Then you can go back through the clips and remove it.

You need to go into deeper levels to be able to see the clips in the timeline.

Arrow down + arrow right will be your best friend (quicknav command) do it on the timeline to get into it. Do it on each individual clip before splitting it. After splitting you need to press arrow down + arrow left to go back up a level

Arrow left or right to scroll through the clips in the timeline.

To play a specific clip instead of starting at the beginning of the video. Press arrow down + arrow right to work with that clip, then press /

I hope this helps. On my youtube channel JustConnectTeam theres a video - Learning to be Blind Ep12 - How a blind person edits.

It might be more helpful if you get stuck.

Submitted by Brie96 on Thursday, July 28, 2016

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No it's totally fine. Thank you so much though, I watched your video and your comment was extremely helpful.
One more question if you wouldn't mind answering. Once I trimmed all of my clips and I have three that I want to keep in my timeline, how do I merge them into one video? Or do I have to do anything with them?

Submitted by Maanling on Thursday, July 28, 2016

Glad it helped. When you are done editing, you need to export it. Doing this will allow iMovie to automatically make it into a single video file. There are several options to export. You can chose to send directly from imovie to someone via email. Or upload directly to youtube. But I just chose to have it made into a file. Then I can decide later how I want to share it.

Press VO keys + M to go to the menu. Arrow right and find the file menu. Press enter. Turn quick nav off and scroll down until you hear share. Arrow right to open the submenu. Scroll down to the last option: File. Push enter. It gives you a bunch of file info, ignore it and push enter to go to the next step. In the next box, give your file a name and push enter. File will start exporting and you'll get a notification when done. My Mac automatically saves my files to the same folder that opens as first when you open a new finder window. I hope yours will do the same.