Some protools questions

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi, I'm new to the site, as before i just looked around for interesting apps and what not. I have questions regarding avid protools as i'm considering buying it. I've heard its the best bet in terms of accessibility, and since its industry standard I figure its a good daws to get, considering although garage band is very easy to use its also very basic. Anyways, I'm wondering, can protools be bought from the appstore? I would find it easier if it could be, that way i don't have to deel with pay pal or anything like that. If it can indeed be bought from there, is it still possible to install plug ins and other midi packages from the site? I'm also wondering about any demos or podcasts on it, as the ones on protoolswithspeech seem to be paid for some reason.



Submitted by Remy on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hi Chris,

I'm an avid Reaper user on the PC, but have been somewhat interested in trying out PT on the Mac. I've heard it is not even slightly accessible on the PC. Does it still require a proprietary sound device, or is it just the Ilock? Also, since the Ilock is a physical device, does that mean you can use PT on any Mac? Overall I really REALLY like Reaper for its functionality and price, but it's almost a little too customizable at times.