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OK so I am new to digital audio work stations but am a musician, and having owned a Mac for just about a year now I think that moving to a DAW is going to be the best path for recording music. My recordings would consist of live audio, basically a Documentation of what is going on in the room. I would be recording acoustic and electric guitars, (that electric guitar would of course include effects processors as well) drums, vocals, acoustic piano, etc.& basically no software instruments. I've been researching affordable solutions and keep running across Amadeus pro and I just listened to this great podcast on using Amadeus pro for audio editing. .. I like what I'm hearing, but I do have a couple of more questions. Can you perform multitrack recordings in Amadeus pro? Would I be able to lay down a guitar track and hear that track as I layered on some piano? Does anyone have any recommendations as far as hardware/microphones to capture instruments and or a nice room sound? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and be well, Greg



Submitted by Tree on Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello, I am sorry that I have not gotten to this earlier but I was very Busy over the holidays. I am more then happy to talk about Amadeus Pro though, it is one of my favorite apps and sound design and editing is my favorite hobby. To answer your main question yes you can do multitrack recordings in the app. I believe the most tracks I have had in a project is around eight but I know of no limitation to the number of tracks. Also you can edit each track totally independently. As far as recording one track while listening to another, which would be necessary for the type of recording you are talking about. This is very doable, but in less someone knows a better way to do it, which is entirely possible, it is very slightly awkward. The only reason I say this is that there is no single command, that I know of, that both starts the recording and starts play back at the same time. This means that normally when you start a recording you are not hearing your project play at the same time. There is a pretty easy fix for this though. What I do is just make sure I have a few Seconds in front of the sound that i need to hear while I am recording. this would mean that in the situation you described you might count to ten before you start playing your first guitar track that you are recording. Then when you wanted to record something on top of this first guitar recording all you would have to do is hit play and then right after that hit record. This is very easy to do if you have a few Seconds to do it in. This will allow you to hear your previously recorded audio while you are creating your new recording, thereby letting you play along. After you do this you have one more issue to deal with. the new recording you just made will not be in sink with the rest of the audio. If you have a little experience with the app this is not a big deal though. It is possible to do very fine tune editing, cutting off fractions of a Second if necessary. It should be easy then to make all of the audio in sink and cutting out the silence before the audio when you are done. In the type of audio I normally do I find myself having to cut out words and even parts of words out of audio and it is very easy to do such fine tune editing. There might be a way of doing the type of recordings you want to do with out even having to deal with this minor annoyance, but since I do not do a whole lot of recording while I am monitoring at the same time I just don't know. Hope this helped. If you have any more questions I would be more then happy to try and answer them. I could even talk to you on skype or something if you wanted to. Or maybe do my own podcast about the app. It is what got me into sound editing and I would love to help others with it. In my opinion it is a really great app.

Submitted by WildmanJoe on Friday, January 3, 2014

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Hi, I just recently purchased Amadeus pro, and I have learned some stuff about it using the time honored tridition of Trial and error. However, I would love to hear a podcast on the app, as I'm sure it would help. if you woould like to do one, it would be awesome!

Submitted by Cliff on Friday, January 3, 2014

A podcast on AP would be highly appreciated! I've been considering buying it for months now, but have not yet kicked myself in the but to do it! :) A podcast that could demo some of the functionality available in the app would probably be the last but-kick I need to go ahead and purchase it and get started! Just out of curiosity, Tree, you seem like you pretty much have your skills down on this app and know your way around what is possible and what is not; I'm planning to do some pieces for norwegian radio this spring, and I really, really love the way RadioLab is edited... Ever heard it? For me, the RadioLab podcast stands as the gold master for what modern radio can sound like, if it's done properly... In case you've heard it, is editing in that sort of style possible to do with VoiceOver in Amadeus Pro? I know the RadioLab guys use Protools, but some of the basic ideas should be possible to do in other softwares as well... Some of the things I want to do, to be clearer, is to be able to chop up interviews, shoot in comments and parts from other interviews in between, apply effects here and there, like lowpass-filters and frequency cutoffs, expand durations of perhaps one short syllable and apply effects to that again... You know the stuff! :) Is that sort of things possible? PS: If you and everyone else have yet to hear RadioLab, I urge you all to search for it in Downcast or some other podcast app, and give it a listen, especially the old shows, from lets say previous to 2011, although some of the new stuff still has the touch of ginius to them... For me being a full-time musician, almost everything they do sounds like a fine piece of art! :) Well, anyways, count me in on the Amadeus podcast! Would be awesome! :) Take care

Submitted by Tree on Saturday, January 4, 2014

Alright sounds great I will start working on a podcast. I can't say exactly when I will be able to get it done since my school starts back next week. Could you guys maybe give me a list of some of the things you are most interested in? As far as Radio lab I totally agree with everything you said Cliff. I love radio, audio documentaries and sound art. In fact up until recently I wanted to get my degree in journalism and pursue being a public radio creator, but I just changed my major. Radio Lab is my favorite and I could suggest a whole lot of other great similar podcast. Howsound is a great one, especially if you are interested in creating radio. Its done by a well respected teacher of radio who teaches at the transom workshop. He talks about all different techniques in radio creation and illustrates what he talks about with radio peaces. If you like that one the name of it use to be saltcast. Some other great ones are, This american life, third coast International audio festival, KCrw's strangers and unfictional, the story core podcast, everything sounds, radio diaries, 360 documentaries separate stories, Life of the law, the moth, Freakonomics, Latitude News, snap judgment, hear be monsters, The memory palace and 99 percent invisible just to name a few. And if those are not enough I would suggest the public radio market place which is awesome. yes you can, chop up interviews with ease. you can copy and paste and cut audio at will, even taking out fractions of Seconds of audio. You can also paste in other audio at will. There are a good number of effects you can use, I can cover them more in the podcast. As far as low pass filters and frequency cutoffs, this is the one area I do not know to much about. There are a good number of effects like that but I have not fully figured them out.

Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hey, no problem at all. I'm sorry that I didn't notice your response until now. I should really take advantage of the subscription feature at the bottom of the page. :) Thank you so much for the information. I seriously appreciate it. I think a live conversation is a good idea. perhaps we could FaceTime? I do not have Skype. Let me know whatever works for you. I would be interested if you had any hardware recommendations as well. P.S. I will subscribe to this page so I can be more timely with my responses. Thank you again.

Submitted by Gabriel on Monday, January 5, 2015

Hi everybody.
I'm just new to Amadeus Pro, bought yesterday.
So please, apologize about the stupid question that's coming, lol.
How can I know in what track I'm on, if my audio documents has several tracks?

Submitted by Thomas Byskov Dalgaard on Monday, November 16, 2015

Hi Gabriel!
One way around this is the following:
Press the letter n (november) then the focus is changed to the next track. Hit the shift and spacebar then the audio is playing from the active track. You can also mute other tracks by interacting with the scroll area on the screen, but this might be another way around it.

Best regards Thomas

Submitted by Pete Lane on Saturday, May 28, 2016

I did an Amadeus Pro Demo series of about eight podcasts last year for Blind Abilities. Check them out at www. and go to the Amadeus Pro Demo Series Category. If there's anything else you'd like demonstrated, let me know by posting here, or writing to me at:

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