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Hello all Mac users i have a question and really need to know whats the diferences and features between the 3 OS mentiones above. just came out couple days ago Mountain lion, and I don't know a lot about this, just bought a MacBook that is running on Snow leopard, and it has all the text specs requires to update it until Mountain Lion. Please Help I want hear all kind of recomendations before doing it. Thanks.



Submitted by Siobhan on Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Marko. I didn't look at your name, so if I spelled it wrong, I'm sorry. The differences I've noticed are as follows. If you use Braille, such as a Freedom scientific display, it seems to be more responsive on the newer systems. Lion was a little slower to boot, then Snow Leopard, Mountain, in my view also doesn't seem that fast, but it could just be me. Voice over does pronounce words easier, and apparently the aditional voices, such as those from real speak solo, seem better, according to those who have used them. Personally, I stick with Alex. The newest and most useful feature is dictation. In Mountain Lion if you double click the function key, you will hear a beep, such as with an iPhone 4S. Using your voice in just about any text field, you can speak and it will recognize your pronounciations and begin to know what you want to say. Also the sharing feature wherein, you can tweet anything, is a nice bonus. Facebook, if you have it will be integrated in the fall. Hope some of this was helpful.

Because VoiceOver is integrated in to OS X, my reasons for upgrading are both OS X and VoiceOver related: 1. VoiceOver Activities in VoiceOver Utility. 2. VoiceOver QuickNav single key letter navigation on the web. 3. VoiceOver send sound out to alternative audio devices. 4. VoiceOver copy/paste on web pages. 5. VoiceOver access to the Status (Extra's) menu giving access to 3rd party menus: eg Dropbox. 6. Access to premium voices besides that of Alex for VoiceOver and builtin text to speech. 7. Extra verbosity features in Voiceover Utility. 8. Support for extra Braille displays/tables in VoiceOver Utility. 9. VoiceOver support for spelling suggestions. 10 Launchpad and Mission control. 11 Messages, Notes, notifications Centre, and Reminders. 12 Sharing to social sites such as Twitter throughout the OS. 13 Voice dictation. 14 Single universal access bar in Safari for web address or search. 15 Improved iCloud support. 16 Redesigned Accessibility panel in System preferences (used to be called Universal access). 17 Accessibility panel dialog (Option+Command+F5) for quickly turning accessibility features on and off. 18 Restore application/windows on reboot. 19 Mac app store (which came in in Snow Leopard 10.6.8). 20. More advanced dialog for Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track to produce audio copies of documents.