Skype on OS X tutorials needed

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As a new user of OS10, migrated from windows, does anybody know of any tutorials for using Skype on OS10 MacBook using yosemite? ?



Submitted by mehgcap on Saturday, December 26, 2015

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What are you running into? Skype is accessible, though you'll have to interact some (the table on the left and the chat area, for instance). Once you know the basics of VoiceOver, though, Skype shouldn't give you any major trouble. I can try to answer any questions you have on it though.

Hi, thanks for the offer of your help. G my wife and I are very new users of the MacBook. We have had iPhones now for a few years but this is our first exploration into MacBook. When opening Skype, I'm finding it very difficult to get to the contact list, and activate one of the contacts (for instance, clicking on somebody's phone Number and getting it to connect. When I have connected, I'm not sure what to do when disconnecting the call. I would be grateful for any device at this stage. I have come across, and used, many excellent tutorial podcast on many aspects of Apple devices, but have not as yet come across one on Skype with OS10. Once again, thank you for the offer and I will be grateful for anything you can do to help.