Skype 8 Not Accessible?

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hi everyone, i've just tried to use skype8 on sierra and voice over wasn't able to reed the screen at all whats going on? is skype8 not accessable?

if someone could help with this that would be great thanks :)



Submitted by Devin on Thursday, March 21, 2019

I tried Skype 8 on Mojave yesterday and have encountered the same thing. Voiceover seems to show an empty window with only the window control buttons available. If you quit and relaunch voiceover within Skype you are then able to move around the window with vo+arrow keys, but if you ever use vo+shift+up-arrow and take interact focus out of the controls you are then back in the Skype window with only window controls and must perform the dance of rebooting voiceover to get any control back. Obviously this is not a feasible solution and I am planning on voicing my concerns to Microsoft, just letting you know of work arounds if you need skype access in the interim. Also, Skype on iOS remains completely accessible as far as I can tell.

Submitted by trey on Friday, March 22, 2019

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i'm running sierra when i install skype clasic it automaticly updates to skype8 is there any way to stop this from happening? thanks all.