Several questions about a new mac, vmWare, and the touchbar

macOS and Mac Apps

So it looks like I'm going to be in a situation where I will have to run both Mac OS and windows. I have played with VMWare a little bit but it's been a couple of years now. I have a few questions about it that I'm hoping you can answer and thank you in advance.

First, when I used VMWare before I had trouble designating a JAWS or NVDA key. How do I do this on a laptop? If i'm unable to do this it would make the whole experience rather difficult and uncomfortable.

Next, I have read that there is a way to set windows up as a full screen so you don't unintentionally alt tab out of it. In other words you can alt tab between open windows in windows but escape into the Mac OS for a moment if you need to. How is this done?

Finally the Mac now has the touch bar. The touchbar as you know has replaced the function keys. What do you use for your function keys in windows?

Again thank you in advance for the help.