Selecting Text in Pages on Mac

macOS and Mac Apps
Has anyone figured out any work arounds to select text in Pages on a Mac, where the selection crosses into another page? I am on the latest release of both 10.9 and Pages. For those not sure what I am referring to, let's say you created a document, and on each line you simply place either a letter or number. Say you start at A go to Z then start with numbers. Around 23 you will start on page two. If you started to select text at 20 and wanted to stop at 29, coursing over the page boundary, you only copy number 23-29. This is despite starting the selection at 20. I have tried selecting text using the VO Command Enter, Shift and arrow keys, and every other option available on a keyboard with Voice Over. I have emailed Apple Accessibility, and received the general response of thanks we will look into it. I know I can just port the document in Text edit, and solve the issue, but trying to avoid having to go back and forth between Pages and Text Edit.