Selecting midi regions to be copied and pasted in "Garage Band" and "Logic Pro X"

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Hi all, does anyone know how to select/highlight midi regions or notes in a song on "Garage Band" and or "Logic Pro X"? I want to be able to grab parts of the song to be copied and pasted somewhere else. I already know that you have to press command X, command C, or command V; to cut, copy or paste, but I don’t know how to highlight the notes. Please advise.



Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hi. I work with audio tracks on Logic Pro X, but I imagine using midi or software instrument tracks is similar or exactly the same.
With audio tracks on Logic Pro X:
1. Go to the track content area and interact with it.
2. Go to the track in question and interact with it.
3. Use vo-left and right arrows to move through regions.
4. Use vo-shift-h to have VoiceOver read which region is currently highlighted.
5. At this point with audio tracks, the region just identified by vo-shift-h is selected, but you can use vo-left and right arrows to move away and back to be sure. Sometimes Logic Pro will actually select the next region to the right, but moving away from and back to the region you want to copy will fix this.
6. If for some reason the region is still not selected, try vo-space when vo-shift-h has told you that you are on the correct region.
7. If none of this works, go to the google discussion group called logic accessibility and ask there.
Smile. Good luck!


Submitted by Juan Avila on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Thanks Bruce. Could you provide a link to the said Google group? Also I want to know how to select individual notes. In case I mess up. Also when you select a specific region, do you interact in it? And if you press command C on the region after pressing V O H, will it prepare it for copying? Sometimes I am on the region and press command C, and it doesn’t work.

Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Sunday, October 4, 2020

In reply to by Juan Avila

Hi. The logic accessibility link is:!fo…
Another place to explore is:
For the past couple years I've had a tutor to learn Logic Pro, Steve Martin. He also teaches garage band. You can reach him at:
Steve Martin <>
Tell him Bruce sent you. Smile.
I'm afraid you'll have to ask Steve how to select individual midi notes. I imagine he'll tell you to use the event viewer. I haven't used the event viewer yet. It works with midi. With audio tracks, I used a different method, commands to cut and join regions, ending up with as little as a 64th or a 128th note if that's what I want. So far, I've only cut it down to 16th notes, though.
Anyway, Steve's tutoring is very reasonably price. I encourage you to write him and see what he says.