Seeking tips and resources for using Mac apps which are less intuitive with VoiceOver

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Hi All

I'm looking for VO techniques for apps or screens that don't read well, perhaps a good web resource I can go to for advanced VO techniques for difficult apps?
I'm an experienced iPhone and Windows user but new to the Mac.

Thanks in Advance



Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hello and all I can say is thanks for this post. I've had my Mac for a little under 2 years. I've been able to learn a lot just by looking at this site and figuring some stuff out on my own. I also attended a very helpful One-to-One training session just after acquiring this Mac. But there are still a few things which I am having trouble with. iTunes comes right to mind here. It seems to be pretty straightforward with VoiceOver for the most part, but I'm a bit unclear on some things. I now realize that Apple updates iTunes pretty regularly, but a general walkthrough of this app would be wonderful. Perhaps something like the walkthrough of Apple Music would be good. This might not be the only thing, but I've no doubt it would benefit a lot of people on here besides myself. I don't wish to pick on anyone, but it seems like there have been numerous posts on here which would've been helpful were it not for countless spelling errors. That's all I'm saying on that..