Seeking Recommendations for 'Must-Have' Mac Apps

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Hello all,

Being a rather newbie to the Mac OS and after finding a few posts, from a few years ago on this matter, I thought I would ask this question again.

Does anyone have recommendations of apps that are "must have" on a Mac? I've already downloaded Skype and other apps that I wanted, but I am always looking for apps to download, whether it be games or productivity apps, to add to my Mac.

Do keep in mind that I am still a newbie to the Mac OS, and although I am certain many of you are advanced users, I would prefer simple apps, nothing that is overly complicated for a new user. although once I get fairly comfortable and more knowledgeable with a Mac, I may post a new topic for more advanced apps down the road, as recommendations of apps for more advanced users may change from now until I myself reach that level.

I thank you all for your assistance and wish you a wonderful day!



Submitted by Raul on Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blue harvest: to keep your external storage devices clean of apple files. When you connect your hdd or pendrive to windows you will see some strange files, this app will clean them. Available via web, not on the app store.

1password: Great password manager. You only need to remember your master password. You can use it on all your devices.

Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm recommending these 2 apps because Apple has been known to break the default low-battery notification before, lol! So you may want to keep one or both of these apps handy. Coconut Battery is free, and Battery Monitor does come with a small price tag. Both are available on here in the Mac App Directory, and both are equally accessible with VoiceOver. As the names suggest these apps monitor the system battery and alert you when it is low, among other things. I've used both of these, and they're quite good.