Seeking the Best OCR Scanning App for the Mac

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Alright, so hopefully the subject will give you all an idea. I am currently using Sero's DocuScan Plus for scanning documents to my Mac, so I can then navigate and read them using VoiceOver.

I do find at times though the scan not being that easy to or make sense. I know that OCR is not perfect and results can vary on the complexity of the document being scanned.

Being that I've only used DocuScan Plus, I was curious what other OCR scanning applications others use and find pretty accurate and easy to use the application and easy to scan and read a document?

Like I said, I've only been using the same app for a long time, curious to know what else is out there and that others are using. Just so you know, I am aware of Prizmo and I believe it's over $50, so not sure if I'oll pull the trigger and buy it. Would be curious to know what others who use Prizmo think about it.




Submitted by Afrim on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In my opinion and throughout all my experience with scanning and converting documents or books, the best OCR application is ABBYY Fine Reader. I am using it on Windows with JAWS. It is not the most accessible application, but the performance it delivers is outstanding. I think there is a demo to try both for WIndows and Mac.

Submitted by Peter Saathoff on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I’ve been using Abbyy FineReader on the Mac for about 5 years. It works really well with VoiceOver, allows you to export in many file formats, and has great OCR. I highly recommend it.

Submitted by Ahmed on Sunday, February 16, 2020

Prizmo is mostly accurate it’s VoiceOver friendly it’s cheaper than FR Pro However I recommend FineReader because of it’s accuracy.
However if you don’t have $119 to spend go for Prizmo or you can try out both OCR apps be before purchasing. the final-decision is yours