Seeking an accessible equivalent to Calibre for managing an eBook library

macOS and Mac Apps

Does anybody know of an accessible Mac application for editing and managing an eBook library?

Calibre ( has all of the features that I want, but none of the accessibility.

Most of my books are in ePub format. At the bare minimum, I would want to be able to edit the metadata as necessary. Automatic retrieval of metadata would be nice, as would automatic generation of file names based upon the metadata. Even nicer, would be a way to browse the collection by author, series and title.

The files should then be easily accessible for use with Voice Dream Reader.

I suspect that my wishlist is already pushing at the boundaries of what’s likely to be available and accessible (sigh)

I would love to hear any suggestions that will prove me wrong (smiles)



Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I am very interested in an accessible equivalent, primarily for ripping the DRM of kindle books so I can read them on my mac. I have Caliber and have gotten some sighted help converting books. Supposedly there is a feature you can use with the app that once set up automatically performs a given conversion. I have tried getting this set up with help so that I could do it independently, but have not been able to successfully do it. An accessible alternative would be really great.