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Hi all. Well I forgot my password on paypal, it still thinks, on IOs that i have an email that doesn't exist, so I went to use the forgot password. oh wow what have I done? The audio captcha's don't always play, plus the rumola thin now i have it installed I can't sign up for an account. I can log in, I can forget password but no other way around to sign up to use it. Is it not working anymore? I have version 3.0 of the extension. Thanks. I hate captchas today.



Submitted by Steve Holmes on Friday, November 21, 2014

I hate CAPTCHA every day! I never tried Romola but Webvisum still works with Firefox but I only do that on my Linux box. I don't know how Firefox is doing on the Mac these days.

I may be off topic here but I recommend 1Password for all your password keeping needs so you never have to use those password reset things again. I realize this doesn't help you right now though - sorry. Just another way to stay away from those God forsaken CAPTCHAs.

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