RS games on the mac?

I couldn't find this question posted so thought I'd ask. I'd like to be able to play games from or th
mac. When I try installing the 64 bit program for the mac, I get a message on my mac saying it can't be installed since there's no guarantee the software doesn't contain malware since the site itself is not secure. I'm running Mac OS Catalina. Can these games be played on the mac? Thanks for any help you can give.



Also have a question within the rs games app

Had a question. If you open the clients, the command plus left arrow and command plus right arrow to increase and decrease the game speech engine rate doesn’t seem to work. Person is running Yosemite. Does he need to update an order for this to work?

Yes, they work fine on the Mac

Hi Randy. Yes, they work just fine on the Mac with Catalina. Try opening the RS Games client by hitting the Voiceover keys plus Shift plus M, and then use down arrow until you reach "open". Then hit Entewr. You should then see an option to open the client. Once the client opens, you need to turn Voiceover off. You will also need to create an account. Good luck.

Thanks need clarification please

Thanks, David. Do I need to install or when I download the 64 bit client is that when I open as your described? Thanks!


tried setting up still no go

Ok. Here's what I've done. I downloaded the 64 bit zip file, and when I try to open, I get a message saying it can't be opened because it can't guarantee this software doesn't have malware. I try opening the app, but don't have the option. From the page itself, I can't do anywthing to open the app. Thanks for any help.


I suggest you contact RS

I suggest you contact RS games about it. for what I read about on their website and when I was scrolling there twitter web, RS games has some bugs in mack OS catilina. not sure though as I play with a windows PC.
you can contact them via their website. they'd be able to help you. or if you are on twitter, you might reach out to them. I'm not at twitter :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much! I did that, and it's working great! Thanks again! I know what I'll be doing tonight! LOL!

no problem

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I'm glad you figured it out. hopfully you can play a gamew on rs with me. my username is daniel.angus.macdonald


Thanks! My username is randi.shelton. Note the spelling of my first name. It's with an i not a y.

See you on RS games sometime.

Thanks again for your help!


typo of my username

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I mistyped my username on rs games, since most of my emails are my names seperated by periods. that I just typed without thinking. my username on rs games is DanielAngusMacdonald
hope to play with you both sometime,
not that every first letter of my names is capatalized. my full name is Daniel Angus MacDonald for future reference.

wow, amazing. hope to play

wow, amazing. hope to play with you both sometime soon :)
thank you applevis, you not only provide resources but also new people to play with on RS games :) !