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Hello, I have a problem. I'm trying to rip my blueray disc into my iPhone, but it has copy protection so that handbrake cannot handle it. Does someone know any good accessible software? I tried makemkv but it is not accessible. thanks



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Hello Techluver,

Unfortunately, given that breaking copy protection on a blueray disc is likely to be illegal, this is not a topic that can be discussed on AppleVis.


Michael Hansen
AppleVis Editorial Team

Submitted by Dave Nason on Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Hi Michael. It is of course your call, but this seems a bit harsh considering that I'm sure ripping normal DVDs has been discussed here plenty of times and the legal position is the same in both cases. Although there is no clear directive, it is generally considered to be legal as long as it is for your own use, and not for sharing / piracy.
Techluver, might I recommend the Mac Observer's "Mac Geek Gab" podcast, I remember them discussing this not too long ago, or contact them if you can't find the episode.
Michael & AppleVis team, apologies if you'd rather I didn't even share that much info and feel free to remove my comment, but hopefully that's not necessary. :)

Submitted by JDawg on Saturday, June 21, 2014

i've got the same query, as makeMKV isn't accessible under macOS. I have several blu-ray titles that i'd like to rip and/or even extract with dvd audio extractor, but i don't want to risk the health/life of my computer by having to boot into windows just to do one simple task. I mean, I bought a Mac, I think i should be able to use it to do whatever I Need to do. Plus, DVD audio extractor doesn't support some blu-rays due to encryption causing me to have to boot into windows anyway so...Any ideas? Thanks!

Submitted by Brother J. on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Okay, here is the definitive solution and the explanation why. It will not work for everybody because it involves booting into Windows.

The explanation:
Simply put, there is absolutely zero equivalent for Mac OS X for what there is for Windows. I have searched far and wide but no app or package for Mac OS X is capable of decrypting and optionally making a one-to-one, sector-per-sector image of any disc.

The solution:
I speak of SlySoft AnyDVD HD. AnyDVD HD's specific license works with both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs; the regular AnyDVD license works solely with DVD discs. Another comparable and just as good software package for Windows is DVDFab Passkey. I have licenses for both Passkey for DVD and Blu-Ray [a single key] and SlySoft AnyDVD HD. They both perform the same intended functions: to primarily act as a low-level driver that runs in the background [system tray] when launched before inserting a disc. The differences are [1] Passkey outputs a more technically detailed log of what it decrypts whilst AnyDVD HD outputs a more concise and user-understandable log and [2] Passkey is more accessible to JAWS without using the JAWS cursor whilst AnyDVD HD can not be accessed completely without using the JAWS cursor then routing it to the PC cursor. There are finer differences such as AnyDVD HD's ability to save CSS keys in its archive [technically adds a registry key for each title] and read from it amongst other specific settings when compared to Passkey. I used Passkey before switching to AnyDVD HD and for some strange reason I can not describe I feel more secure when using AnyDVD HD. I use PowerISO in conjunction with AnyDVD HD to make a one-to-one image in DAA format [the best and most efficient image compression format though proprietary to PowerISO but works with Daemon Tools and the like] to make completely unprotected and burnable back-ups of my physical discs.

In regards to legalities, this varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so do what you will regardless of that. I do not condone and I do not condemn; I simply state the facts and hope it helps everybody who reads it. I wholeheartedly recommend AnyDVD HD or the DVD and Blu-Ray combination Passkey. Both programs can back up the disc in both ISO image format or as a VIDEO_TS folder. Personally, I use a different program due to the efficiency of the image compression which has resulted in the salvation of literally hundreds of GB after converting all the ISZ images [UltraISO's proprietary image compression format – I used UltraISO before PowerISO though the latter is not as accessible with JAWS].