Ring tones and text tones on both OSX and iOS

macOS and Mac Apps

Hello everyone.
So now that we have continuity on the Mac to interface with our iOS devices, I have been playing around with Ring Tones and Text Tones. I even went as far as hacking the rtktones.plst file to make sure the mac sees the ring tones I add into the folder. I also saw an alert tones file but if I play with that file, bad results happen when opening the contacts app for example. So I just leave that alone.
Now even before I attempted to add my own custom tones, I tried assigning ring tones and text tones to contacts on both my Mac and iPhone, using the standard tones on both devices.
And I have done signing out and back in to i Cloud on both devices.
So here is what is going on.
If I receive a call from a contact with an assigned tone on both devices, they both ring the same exact tone.
Of course I am not so dogmatic about that because I haven't had a chance to try that out very much.
But I can say that if a text message comes weather it is i Message or text message, then the Mac will play my default text tone, and the iPhone will not play anything at all. It is very frustrating and yes, both devices are signed in to the same i Cloud account.
Does anyone else have the same problem?
All help would be greatly be appreciated.



Submitted by John Follis on Sunday, February 22, 2015

So I did get a call from a contact in which both devices have the same ring tone. Unfortunately, while the Mac plays the contact assigned ring tone, the iPhone plays the default ring tone. Still very annoying.