Restoring Safari from Trash on a MacBook running Snow Leopard

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Hi, I bought a display model MacBook running Snow Leopard. When I try to open Safari, I'm told that I need to move it from the Trash in order for it to work. When I go into Trash, I have a table showing the various items with it. When I select the Safari row, I tried to press command delete to restore the item. However, I get a sound indicating that this hasn't worked. When I move the mouse to the Voiceover cursor and right click, there is no item to restore the item. The only Trash-related item is to empty the Trash. Please could someone tell me how to restore the item from the Trash or failing that, how to reinstall Safari? Many thanks, Ed



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You could try and drag Safari and drop it back in the app folder with VO+,(comma) and VO+.(period). Delete the app out of trash, and re-download the application from the apple site. HOwever, I'm not sure if this method would really work as if there are varying versions of the elements that make up Safari, it may not want to be re-installed. Use Webkit (which Safari is based on anyway or just use Google Chrome which works well with VoiceOver. A final solution would be to re-install the OS and this would re-install everything. DAvid

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