Resizing Text Boxes in Pages

macOS & Mac Apps

Hi all,

I was recently trying to do some rather elaborate formatting in a Pages document, and discovered that I can do a lot more with text boxes than I had expected. For example, with the text box selected, the arrow keys will move it .01 inches in the direction chosen, and shift + the arrow key will move the box .15 inches. At least, it usually does—the behavior is a little consistent, but VO announces the position of the box so you know whether or not you got the desired result.

I also discovered that, to resize a text box, you can interact with the handles on the corners or sides, and use the arrow keys to expand or contract the box.

Here's where I ran into a problem: no matter what I can do, I can only seem to get the box to expand or contract by a factor of .15 inches. I believe this occurs whether I press VO + arrow or VO + shift + arrow (if I remember correctly, simply using the arrow keys still moves the text box as a whole). It seems odd to me that there wouldn't be a way to adjust the size of the box by .01 inches. Does anyone know if there's a command, or sequence of commands, I'm missing to get this kind of fine control over text box size? Thanks in advance!