Resetting accessibility settings on Mac

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi all,
I have been experiencing with some VoiceOver settings.
The issue is that when I am at the loggin screen when i am not logged in yet Alex is pronouncing words in my native language and it mreads the cyrillic letters which makes the process of the logging in quite slow. I tried to reset VoiceOver settings but it doesn{t help in the case when logging into the OS.
Also I experienced with deleting some voices to see if it helps.
My question isÑ
Is it possible to reset all of the accessibility settings on MacOs, to reset all default voices that come with it_
I am frustraightedI have broken something.
Because that thing that Alex pronounces everything on a loggin screen is strange.
I am using MacOs Catalina MacBook air 2017.
Thank you!