Reprogramming Mac trackpad outside VoiceOver

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Hi everyone. Are there any apps a blind person can use to reprogram Mac trackpad gestures? I realize VoiceOver allows programming gestures on your trackpad, but VoiceOver does not allow reprogramming gestures that don't also require using control, option, shift and command. I need to use my trackpad away from my keyboard. Having to press these additional keys would not work for me.

I also realize that a Mac app called BetterTouchTool allows reprogramming Mac trackpads to get around VoiceOver limitations, but the interface looks like it was designed for a computer programmer, not for my own non-computer savvy self, and their documentation is difficult to use.
So, does anyone know if there Are any other accessible apps out there that would allow me to reprogram my Mac trackpad to be able to use gestures that do not also require using the control, option, command and shift keys?

Smile. Thank you!

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