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I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to replace the same misspelling of a word throughout a whole document when one has corrected it once?
I can't seem to find an option that does this, neither in the spell check dialog (cmd+colon) nor when moving through misspelled words (cmd+semicolon).
To illustrate, let's say I misspell the word "test" as "tset" a number of times. I want to replace all these occurrences with the proper spelling, but I only want to do it once, the equivalent of clicking "replace all" in MS word.
Is this doable? It feels like I'm missing something obvious.




Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, October 11, 2014

You cannot do this. the best thign is to just do the spell check then just repeat the change over and over again. If I know the right word will bein the first area I just hit enter as the change button is the default.

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Submitted by Codeofdusk on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yes, this can be done, but all formatting will be lost. First, select all text (CMD+a) and copy (CMD+c). Then, open Type : nano file.txt1 followed by enter. Press CMD+v to paste the text of your file. Then, press CTRL+w followed by CTRL+r. type the misspelling followed by enter. Type the correct spelling followed by enter. When prompted if you wish to replace this instance, press a. Then, press CTRL+x followed by y followed by enter. You will have a plain text file in your home directory called file.txt

  1. If the original file is plain text, no copying/pasting is required, just supply the path of the file to nano, such as : nano ~/Documents/myStuff/DingDingDingDingus.txt ↩︎