Reordering songs in an iTunes playlist

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I was just wondering if there is a way to reorder songs inside of a playlist in iTunes? I've tried VO+, and to mark, drag and drop but it does not work



Submitted by dvdmth on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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These instructions are for iTunes 12, so it might be a little different for other iTunes versions.

First, press Command-J to bring up the view options popover. VO-Right to the "sort by" popup button, and make sure it is set to manual, unless you want iTunes to arrange the playlist automatically by artist, album, etc.

Press Escape to dismiss the view options popover, then locate and interact with the playlist table. Use VO-Left and VO-Right to move between the columns and VO-Up and VO-Down to move between songs.

To move a song, navigate to it, then press VO-Command-Shift-Space to perform a Mouse Down on the item. Now move to another item in the playlist table and press VO-Command-Shift-Space again. The first item will be moved to the spot immediately above the second item.

You can also move multiple items at once by using Shift-Arrow to select multiple consecutive items. They will move as a single unit when you use VO-Command-Shift-Space.

If it is a normal playlist, not a smart playlist, you can also use cut and paste to move items. Select the item or items you wish to move, press Command-X to cut them, move to the destination, then press Command-V. This method may be easier, but you can't use it with smart playlists since the items in those playlists are determined automatically and therefore cannot be removed and inserted this way.