Release: colloquy automatic speech script

macOS & Mac Apps

I have just completed the first version of a script that will read the most important events in the free colloquy IRC client for OS X. The iOS version does this on its own and I like the interface of the Mac one, so figured I would add this feature. For now, it speaks new messages, joins, and parts. More events will be added later. There are a few variables you can changed near the top of the file to configure the speech output:

  • outputmode - can be either "say" which uses the built-in mac speech, or "VoiceOver" which should be pretty self explanatory.
  • sayvoice, sayrate let you set what voice and speed to use for the "say" option.

You (can temporarily turn all speech off by typing in /speech into any message edit box. download here Copy this file into ~/library/application support/colloquy/plugins.