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Hello: I have a question about reinstalling lion. Yes, I know I've never upgraded to mountain lion, but thats beside the point. I launched my recovery partition and launched voiceover just fine, selected to reinstall lion, clicked continue, and went through the process of the license agreement. I wasn't able to get it to use my wifi connection, so had to end up connecting a either net cable to the computer. I then reached a screen that said signing in to the app store, but I didn't see any way to input my username/password in. Has anyone tried reinstalling lion via the download option, my dvd that I made when I first got lion isn't working. Is there supposed to be a way to input your username/password? I never could find a input screen. Hopefully someone knows about this.



Submitted by Daniel on Friday, July 12, 2013

Hi, did you try bringing up the window chooser menu? This can be done with the Voiceover keys and hitting F2 twice quickly. Sometimes Voiceover doesn't see a window or for whatever reason a window isn't in focus. Its a good little trick to have up your sleeve so to speak. :) It might be that try it and let us know how you get on. If that fails, then I am sorry but I am out of ideas but hopefully someone will come to the rescue!

Hi, When I had to reinstall Lion, I had to pull up the window chooser, like the previous comment explained. I, however, didn't get it to install, as I don't use actual DSL/Cable internet, I only use it via wifi, and in Lion, the process to connect to a Wifi network seems to be inaccessible from the recovery partition when using it with VoiceOver. Its accessible on Mountain Lion though.

Submitted by Edward Alonzo on Friday, July 12, 2013

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thats just the thing, i tried VO f2 twice quickly, and I couldn't get the window chooser to come up. I'm not sure but that was my first thought to as when that came up it said that there was a new dialog there. sense I couldn't see it, thats when I tried the window chooser menu. I wasn't able to get my wireless connection working either, so was trying a wired connection. Even tried redownloading lion from app store but I'm guessing they've done something with the size of the file bacause I couldn't get it to burn to my 4.7 gb dvd. said the disc didn't have enough space.

Submitted by Daniel on Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Why not just upgrade to mountain lion then? Of course I relise that it depends on your situation and there are factors such as your computer being able to run it, spending the money to buy it and having an apple id to make the purchase. However, this is coming from a user who 1st brought their 1st Mac and which ran lion. Naming the upgrade, my exspirance, the benefits out way the negatives. In fact I would say that there are far few bug's using mountain lion than it's previous counterpart. In terms of of the standard performance and stability enhancements. Not to mention accessibility improvements. This is by no means trying to persuade you to but I just thought it worth mentioning. Why not upgrade to ml then?